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澳洲博客有100 +的观点-作家……

Let’s skip the obvious cliches and get to the harder to understand concepts that make an enormous difference.

If you make an information product and decide to sell it, prepare for unsolicited feedback that could rip your face off.

I launched an information product recently. An information product is either an online course or a book. Wow, complex!

The amount of money I made from the information product is not designed to impress you. I know you don’t care. All it shows is traction. It also shows I’m a doer who isn’t just peddling nonsense I pulled from a book I half-read to look smart in front of an audience of people who clap.


Crypto isn’t gambling. For many like me, it’s hope.



  1. 这是逃避当前金融体系的一种方法。
  2. (Less known). Bitcoin is how many young people believe they can one day afford a home.

在我家长的潮一代时代,普通人认为他们会拥有一个家。betway娱乐官网在千禧一代,拥有一个房屋已成为一个令人骚扰的梦想。betway娱乐官网平均薪水给你买了很多less of a housethan…

With more time, you do less.

Speeding up and slowing down time isn’t solely the story of the Matrix Movie.

I am fascinated with time.It’s the one thing we give away and often forget is more valuable than money, Bitcoin, a useless car, or a huge house.

Having more time is a blessing. But it can also be a huge burden, as I learned the hard way while sitting at home unemployed after being fired by an Oompa Loompa and thrown to the sidewalk like a piece of trash. …


Here’s exactly how without the fluff and selfie poles

Publish and pray is the old way to write online.

For many, it doesn’t work. When you publish and hope, you will almost certainly give up. I’m surprised to be here writing, honestly.

I want to quickly accelerate through how to rethinkeBooks。大多数作家都没有得到电子书的力量。直到电子书转向超过6个数字,我也没有。不在这里吹嘘。我在这里给你我对写作的了解,这样你就可以赢得它的生活。我们走吧。

The greatest writing invention in history


I am so late to the party. Twitter was…



That’s what Tony Robbins said in the 1990s after citing several actuary studies that show when a person retires they die not long after.

“If you retire at 55, you have an 89 percent chance of dying in 10 years, more than if you retire at 65,” Tony。“我们需要作为一种宗旨的工作。”有些人讨厌高大的托尼,但无论如何,他都有一个很好的观点。




I got laughed at when announcing my side gig to my work colleagues.

“What are you going to write that’s so interesting, huh? You’re a nobody. You don’t know anything I can’t google. Why don’t you spend the extra time trying to further your career and become a manager.”




They said, “Don’t worry about me, I’m simply going to put up a website and sell through my website.”

This is blind faith.

I used to think that. Slap-up a website and then sell, sell, sell. This dream isn’t a reality. A website will get lost in a sea of Google results.

I learned while working at a digital marketing agency that even with a $10,000 a month SEO budget, people coming to your site isn’t enough.




你的朋友们害怕youraddiction will become他们的addiction.

As your friendship group expands and contracts over time, it says a lot about what stage of life you’re in.


We played a game as we walked to the pub — we’d喝酒在每个街角的波旁角。大约十街角落与我们的目的地分开。当我到达酒吧时,我会喝醉,扼杀我的话。

What sounds like a game became a spiral into alcoholism.


This bizarre social experiment will teach you many life lessons you can put into action.

It takes a lot to get Bill Gates out of bed.


The documentary is called “In & Of Itself。” It’s without a doubt the most important social experiment I’ve ever seen. It will challenge many of your beliefs and surprise you.

The film is based around a stage show a magician named Derek DelGaudio put on at a theatre for two years. …


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