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In our project plans and our timelines and spreadsheets, we have given it its own box —“Here is when you’ll be creative.”

But we all know that’s not really how creativity works.



A deadline implies the project is done. Complete. Finished.


If you have a creative bone in your body, you know deep down a project is never “done.”

A project or a piece of work is an extension of you, and is constantly a work in progress — just like you, as an individual, are constantly a work in progress. …

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My theory?


Too often, people focus on how to cram more into less.




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These people react to life, and let outside circumstances decide their fate.

They live by Default.

And then there are those that walk into any situation and grab it by the horns.

They determine the outcome of their day.

They wake up with intention, they are clear on their goals, they know what needs to get done and when something goes wrong they are the first to pull the thumb and admit where they went wrong. …

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I used to question everything. Everything in life.


If an opportunity presented itself, I weighed the pros and cons endlessly:“What will this entail? Will I succeed? What is my likelihood of success? Will other people judge me for taking this opportunity? Who will judge me if I don’t take this opportunity?”

The height of some of my most anxious thoughts was in high school.

And I am not exaggerating when I say that many mornings I debated, for upwards of twenty minutes, whether I should wear a sweatshirt or…

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But there’s a flaw in their thinking—because whatever goal you set today won’t be the goal you ultimately care about tomorrow.

As time goes on, your perspective of what a “big goal” is will continue to change.

When I was a kid, my “big goal” was to win the 5th-grade floor hockey 8-week tournament in our gym class. I was randomly selected as one of four team captains, and proceeded to spend the entire weekend binge-watching Mighty Ducks in my living room while drawing up roles for my assigned team roster.

“If I put Johnny at center and Kyle on defense, that’ll allow for Ben to play right wing and create synergy between him and Johnny…”我想自己,螺旋笔记本在我的膝盖上,在家庭房绿色椅子上闲逛。......

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The self-proclaimed thought leaders throw around phrases like “creating great content” and “knowing your audience.”

They preach best practices, meanwhile have trouble practicing themselves.

They say, “It’s all about grabbing people’s interest.”

No. It’s really not.

That’s short-sighted thinking.

Social media marketing — which is very different than the updates you share with your friends and family on your personal Facebook — comes down to one thing and one thing only.

What value are you providing?

Too many social media marketers are in it for the short game.

  • 他们告诉他们的客户,“我们可以在Instagram上获得巨大的曝光!”
  • They promise attention and virality and clients eat it up like candy. …

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In the first 6 months of starting my first company,Digital Press,我的联合创始人和我从1到15个客户组成,以及大约10名全职员工。

6 months later, we doubled in size.

6 months after that, we doubled again.

Most people don’t know what the term “burden of opportunity” means.

这是一个短语经常我的导师对我说when I was working for him in Chicago, prior to becoming an entrepreneur myself.

这意味着,因为你变得越来越好,越来越多的人会想和你合作。当然,你不能对每个人都说是的 - 在你的一天有足够的时间,亲自。你对哪个机会说是的,你对哪些人说不?......

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Do we push harder toward achievement, or do we take a step back and instead seek quiet happiness?

Some would argue that happiness is found in achievement.

If that’s true, then I ask for someone to show me.



The challenge is how to navigate both worlds. Is it possible to both be in a position of power and be humble? Can you be wealthy outside and in? …

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It was the afternoon, and for miles all I could see were trees and trees. There were no sounds other than the crackling of leaves under my shoes when I would pace my space back and forth. Every once in a while, I would test the silence and let out a scream, wanting to see how long it would echo.


It carried into the distance for a moment and then faded. …

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So many people believe that you are either one or the other:

  • 你要么添加了一个不能坐在五分钟五分钟的加剧创意,但很聪明。


  • 您是寻找粘滞便笺,螺旋规划师和Excel电子表格的OCD任务经理。

But the truth is,你需要两者。

If you are the manic creative with no sense of structure, you might have the most amazing ideas in the world but you will be incapable of bringing them to life.

On the flip side, you might be extremely organized and diligent, but unless you are willing to let yourself explore outside your comfort zone and get a little creative, you will never be able to create something valuable on your own. …


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