Being Broke Teaches you Something

Thinking back when I was just another person with a dream. I didn’t know where I was going or if I ever find my calling. Being broke teaches you something because not having money is not the only problem. It’s telling your loved ones your dreams, only for it to go in one ear and out the other.

The path your travel to reach your goals is often traveled alone. It’s lonely at the top but you get there by yourself for a reason. How many couches you laid on, how many times were you kicked out, and how many times someone didn’t understand.

It’s frustrating, and yes even depression starts to kick in. You start thinking to yourself, well maybe they are right. That didn’t stop you from keep pushing forward, you listened to your own heart, you knew what your heart desires. You knew who supported you and who had excuses of why it wasn’t going to work.

They say to trust God and have him lead the way, but isn’t that what you were doing. You thank God for helping you get to where you are, because he guided you there. The one’s that believed in God, didn’t believe in you like he does. You realize that the moment you have your break through.

Now, everyone wants to talk to you. They forgot how they treated you. You worked hard, prayed, and even cried a little to prove everyone wrong. Most of your depression and thoughts of suicide comes from fighting battles within alone, then you start to feel alone. When you are single, it feels good not argue or be stressed out with someone. You rather be alone. Being broke teaches you something and boy what a lesson.



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I-netha D. Knox

I am a writer and creator who blogs about tv and movies.